Systema NEW Polycarbonate Piston for Version II AEGs with Free Shipping!

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This Systema NEW Polycarbonate Piston is the perfect replacement piston for your Version 2 metal gearbox AEG. This piston is designed to be stronger and more durable than standard polymer pistons, capable of withstanding abuse during normal airsoft games. Systema is renowned in the airsoft world for their top-of-the-line craftsmanship on all their manufactured parts and products, and is also attributed with having a world-class R&D process through which all products undergo prior to making it into their product repertoire.  It's no wonder why more airsoft-enthusiasts choose SYSTEMA as their upgrade part of choice, over the many other brands of upgrade parts available. 

Systema Area 1000 Polycarbonate Piston Specifications:
- Effective upgrade for stock to mildly upgraded AEGs
- Enhances performance while reducing wear with super lightweight polycarbonate construction
- Revolutionary polycarb construction means maximum piston strength without damaging gearbox shell
- Legendary Systema quality, value-minded price