Systema Area 1000 Version 2 Cylinder Head Set Free Shipping!

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* Essential part for upgrading your Airsoft Electic Gun AEG
* A bumper-rubber is installed in both cylinder head & piston head of this set
* Offer ultimate noiselessness and keep you from detected during skirmish
* SYSTEMA Piston Head weights the same as Marui standard piston head
* Ball Bearing Piston Head absorb most of the tension from the spring
* The speedy head movement offer constant muzzle velocity
* Recommended to use along with SYSTEMA Upgrade Springs
* Suitable for AEG brand: Tokyo Marui, ICS & Classic Army
* As always, upgrading AEG require necessary skill & technique to dissemble the gearbox, consult expertise if needed
* Supreme quality upgrade part from SYSTEMA (Made In Japan)