Systema Advance Series Bore-Up Cylinder Set for Airsoft MP5 AEGs with Free Shipping!

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Essential part for upgrading your Airsoft Electric Gun AEG MP5-A4
Compression & Release Parts for Higher Power Upgrade Players 
When upgrade player using stronger spring, the stronger tension gives higher performance & power 
"Dunble-Bumper" system is employed to both piston head & cylinder head to prevent breakage 
As always, upgrading AEG require necessary skill & technique to dissemble the gearbox, consult expertise if needed 
Package Includes:
1. Stainless Bore-Up Cylinder Head
2. Bore-Up Air Seal Nozzle
3. Bore-Up Double Bumper Piston Head
4. Bore-Up Chromium Plating Cylinder 
Bore-Up Cylinder Set need to be used with M120 ~ M170 AEG Spring (Recommended by Systema)