Bravo Advanced Mosfet Unit Kit for Airsoft AEG's, Free Shipping!

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This is an amazing MOSFET unit from Bravo with Active Breaking. This MOSFET comes with a Polyfuse and a heatsink built in to it. It allows for safer use of your gun with any battery. It does this by making your trigger switch a gate rather than part of the circuit between your motor and battery. This allows for less than 10mA of current to be used through your trigger switch, making sure that you never have to worry about arcing or melting again! A MUST have for semi-auto shooters, lipo users, and high speed guns.
  • Full active braking that is gentle enough not to harm the motor but still stops the motor very quickly

  • Built-in heatsink

  • Built-in 30amp automatically resetting thermal fuse

  • All wires and connectors supplied

  • New high current capacity 3.5mm gold plated bullet connectors included for easy connection to the MOSFET

  • The MOSFET is fully protected against voltage spikes from the motor

  • Advanced brake timing circuit

  • Fully protected against static discharge

  • The circuit draws no current when not triggered

  • The trigger circuit needs considerable current to turn on preventing false firing from condensation, grease etc.

  • High tolerant to bad wiring, bad layout, noise etc.

  • Failure of the active braking MOSFET can't turn the gun uncontrollably on.

  • New low heating trip circuit prevents damage under very strong term short circuit conditions.