Factory Refurbished Umarex T4E .50 Cal CO2 Paintball/Pepper Pistol HDP50

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Factory Refurbished Umarex T4E .50 Cal CO2 Paintball/Pepper Pistol HDP 50 Free Shipping!

Build for .50 Cal Paintball, Rubber Balls, Or Pepper Balls!

The P2P HDP 50 pepper round pistol helps you in being Prepared to Protect™. The T4E P2P HDP 50 was developed by UMAREX, a family-owned company with an interest in empowering people with the confidence to protect themselves, their families, and possessions without the use of a firearm. Being Prepared to Protect offers peace of mind when children are present and firearms are unwanted. Its easy-to-use quick response charge and multiple .50 caliber pepper rounds provide confidence during intense situations. Comes with 10 rubber rounds for practice and training. Be Prepared to Protect. Ready the Owner's Manual before use including all warnings, cautions, and notes within the owner's manual. 12-gram CO2 cartridges not included.


  • Picatinny Accessory Rail
  • Quick Piercing CO2 System
  • Integrated Magazine Holds 6 Rounds
  • .50 cal Cleaning Squeegee Included
  • 10 Rounds of Rubber Ball Ammo Included
  • Trigger Safety
  • Ability to engage threats at a further distance - up to 60 ft
  • Safe, less-than-lethal self-defense
  • A practical solution for personal and family protection
  • Multi-shot, long-range and legal to carry in most states
  • Easy loading with integrated magazine

    Known to Fit the Following Holsters:

    • OWB Leather Holster - Mitch Rosen
    • IWB Leather Holster - Mitch Rosen
    • OWB Black UPL Leather Holster (RH) - Mitch Rosen
    • OWB Kydex Holster - Black Point Tactical
    • IWB Kydex Holster - Black Point Tactical
    • OWB Composite Holster - Black Point Tactical
    • IWB Composite Holster - Black Point Tactical
    • Sig Sauer P320 Universal Polymer Holster
    • OWB Kydex Holster - Comp-Tac Victory Gear
    • IWB Sig Sauer P320 Holster - We The People
    • LockLeather OWB Holster - Urban Carry
    • Sig P320 Full Size ShapeShift OWB Holster - AlienGear
    • Safariland Model 7377 7TS ALS Concealment OWB Holster - Safariland
    • Sticky LG Holster - Sticky Holsters
    • Sig Sauer P320 IWB/OWN Double Clip Holster - Hidden Hybrid Holsters
    • CS Sig Sauer Holster - Black Rhino Concealment
    • Lighttuck Kydex IWB Holster - Vedder Holsters
    • Lightdraw OWB Holster - Vedder Holsters
    • Prodraw OWB Paddle Holster - Vedder Holsters
    • Speed Scabbard Belt Holster - DeSantis
    • Comfortflex Essential IWB Holster - Versacarry
    • Serpa CQC Belt/Paddle Holster - Blackhawk!