Empire Paintball Magna Clutch Upgrade Kit, Free Shipping!

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This kit is designed to upgrade any Halo or Empire Reloader B force feed loader. If you currently have a Halo or Empire Reloader B, this kit is for you, it will give you all the benefits of the Magna Clutch without having to totally change the loader you are comfortable with. 

The loader uses this Magnetic slip clutch system in the event that the loader is puting too much prussure on the ball stack. If the drive cone is fully wound and the loader is still trying to turn, rather than crush or break paint in the loader the clutch will slip. The drive cone spring will still remain wound so that when you start firing you will have all the benifits of the wound drive cone spring. The kit comes complete with several different magnet and slip plate set-ups possible. Prostar Paintball feels that this is the ultimate upgrade for your Halo B / Reloadr B since you can configure you loader to work with everything between brittle tounament grade paint or rubber practice balls.

Kit comes with:
Complete Installation Instructions
1 - Drive Cone Cover
1 - Drive Cone
1 - Spring Housing
5 - Magnet Plates
1 - Magnet Holder
2 - Drive Springs
1 - Rip Wheel
1 - Rip Shaft
1 - Cover Screw
2 - E-clips
12 - Magnets
1 - Direct Drive Spring Housing