Umarex AirJavelin Pro PCP Powered Airgun Arrow Rifle 370 FPS New 2252668

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Umarex AirJavelin Pro CO2 Powered Airgun Arrow Rifle 370 FPS New 2252668

Introducing the newest PCP arrow rifle—the Umarex AirJavelin Pro! Mirroring most of the same features as the original AirJavelin CO2 arrow rifle, like the integrated Picatinny rail and M-LOK® slots, ambidextrous bolt handle, and collapsible stock, the AirJavelin Pro and original AirJavelin do have some key differences. The new AirJavelin Pro notably features an all-new FDE stock, a 4,500 psi high-pressure air reservoir, and Foster quick connect fill port. It’s a PCP regulated at 1500 psi meaning 25 consistent shots on a full tank of air. The AirJavelin Pro arrow airgun is comfortable and lightweight while still launching a 170 gr Umarex arrow downrange at a whopping 52 ft-lbs.

For the AirJavelin Pro, it was decided that a pressure increase of nearly twice that of the original AirJavelin CO2 air rifle would give the arrow a big jump in power without compromising the integrity of the High-Pressure Shaft technology arrow or the AirJavelin. The ingenious 7.4 cubic inch tank design has a regulated pressure of 1,500 psi and only takes 7 minutes to fill with the Umarex ReadyAir Portable Airgun Compressor. This easy-to-fill PCP arrow airgun fills directly through a male Foster quick disconnect fitting to a pressure of 4,500 psi giving it a shot count of up to 25 ethical shots on just one fill!
The AirJavelin Pro easily breaks the threshold of the lowest energy produced by a traditional bow. At 52 ft-lbs the AirJavelin Pro is capable of taking on game animals like the whitetail deer at close range. 

• PCP - Powered AirJavelin Pro
• Velocity: 370 fps
• 52 ft-lbs using 170 gr Umarex AirJavelin Arrows
• 1,500 psi Regulator
• 7.4 cu. in. / 121.3 cc Capacity Air Tank
• 25 Effective, Ethical Shots on a Single Fill
• 7 minutes to fill with the Umarex ReadyAir Airgun Compressor
• Ambidextrous Bolt Design
• Manual Push Button Safety
• 6.25 lb. Single Stage Trigger
• Integrated Picatinny Rail and M-LOK® Slots for Mounting
• Lightweight, Modern Polymer Adjustable Stock
• Integrated Sling Slot
• Overall Length: 31̎ in. - 34̎.25̎ in
• Includes three Straight Flight 170gr arrows with field tips

Use ONLY Umarex AirJavelin Arrows with the AirJavelin arrow gun. Use of other arrows can cause serious injury or even death. AirJavelin arrows are engineered for strength sufficient to handle extremely high CO2 pressure. Arrows for bows and crossbows are not strong enough to withstand the high CO2 pressure and can explode when pressurized. This can cause serious injury to the shooter and bystanders.

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