Airsoft Innovations Airsoft XL Burst Impact Banger Grenade

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XL Burst: The simulation flashbang yields 125dBA of ear-piercing annoyance on the field. The body of the grenade is CNC machined from solid aluminum for a hefty, rugged feel, and its proven impact trigger mechanism is reliable yet simple to reset. Moreover, the grenade has a very low cost per use.

• 125dBA at 5ft using 2 burst elements. 1 burst element is 120dBA.

• Tough. CNC machined from solid aluminum.

• Costs almost nothing to run. Never hesitate.

• Consumes propane or green gas and one cheap burst element per use.

• Bangs every time. Sensitive and reliable impact

• Trigger mechanism is easy to reset.

• One year warranty against manufacturing defects.

• Made in Canada.

Package includes:

Users Manual
1x XL Burst Impact Banger Grenade
1x Medium 30WT Silicone Oil
3x Fill valve bands
2x Replacement Grenade Skins
30x Burst Elements
1x XL Burst Launch Morale Patch

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